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EVEE C1 Pro Electric Bike Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

EVEE C1 Pro Electric Bike Price in Pakistan. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the recently released electric scooter EVEE C1 Pro. EVEE is a Pakistani firm founded in 2023 that presently provides two scooter models: the base variant C1 and the top variant C1 Pro, of which this review is of the latter. The worldwide electric revolution is in full swing, and it is past time for the Pakistani market to catch up.

EVEE C1 Pro Electric Bike Price in Pakistan

EVEE C1 Pro Electric Bike Price in Pakistan

The C1 costs Rs 200,000, while the C1 Pro costs Rs 225,000. The scooter can be ordered online and delivered to your home.

EVEE C1 ProPKR 200,000
EVEE C1PKR 225,000

Design and Looks:

The EVEE C1 Pro features very futuristic looks as well as a refined and simple design. The headlamp DRLs, for example, mirror the Tesla Cybertruck’s headlight unit, giving a sleek horizontal DRL. In addition, front and rear indicators supplement the lighting. Aside from that, we have hidden footrests, exquisite silver colour schemes, high-quality side stickers, a backrest, and side and rear reflectors.


The visibility of the headlights might be improved on darker roads; but, within the city, the visibility is enough. Another difficulty here is the lack of ground clearance due to the low height. It has the potential to damage the battery pack, which is located beneath. The digital speedometer’s precision is also somewhat wrong; however, EVEE promises to fix this in future units. Furthermore, the charging period is extremely long, necessitating the use of speedier solutions.

Practicality Options:

The scooter includes a 22-litre boot room for storing items, an emergency repair toolbox, and a start-stop master switch. Furthermore, the seat cushioning is high-quality and comfortable. The steering handle assists the rider by providing several alternatives, including a USB charging connector and a storage holder.

There is also a reverse button on the scooter. The EVEE C1 Pro is small, light, and smooth, making the ride enjoyable for the user. Because both levers function as brakes, the brakes are quite effective. Front disc brakes are used, while rear drum brakes are used.

Information Cluster:

The information dashboard provides the rider with a variety of information. These include the charging state of the battery, total km driven, and the current gear.

Speed and Mileage:

The scooter has three modes: Mode 1, Mode 2, and Mode 3. Mode 1 has a top speed of 25 km/h, Mode 2 has a top speed of 35 km/h, and Mode 3 has a top speed of 50 km/h. The C1 Pro features a 23 amp battery pack, while the regular C1 model has a 20 amp battery pack. EVEE states that the C1 Pro has a range of 75-85 km, whereas the C1 has a range of 65-75 km, a difference of 10 km. The C1 Pro charges in 7 hours, while the C1 takes approximately 8 hours to completely charge.


The suspension is smooth and supple, with a flexible frame that provides a comfortable ride.

Effectiveness in terms of cost

Though the bike costs only Rs. 3, the battery life is only 550 cycles, which means that after charging 550 times, the scooter will require a battery pack replacement, which costs Rs 35,000. However, the EVEE outperforms petrol bikes in terms of cost-effectiveness.

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