FAW Cars 2022 Prices in Pakistan, Features, Specs

FAW Cars Price

FAW Cars 2022 Prices in Pakistan. FAW is a Chinese automaker whose vehicles are becoming seen on Pakistani roadways. Here are the FAW car prices in Pakistan for 2022. The company has launched various cars in Pakistan to date, starting from various price ranges, so that everyone can find a car that suits them as well as their budget.

FAW Cars 2022 Prices in Pakistan, Features, Specs

FAW Cars 2022 Prices in Pakistan

Here, I will share with you the most recent prices of all the cars sold by this car brand in Pakistan, so that you can choose a car for yourself if you are planning to buy FAW cars. In the table below, you’ll find the most recent prices for all of this brand’s vehicles in Pakistan:

FAW Cars 2022 Prices in Pakistan

FAW V2 VCT-iPKR 1,609,000
FAW X-PV Dual ACPKR 1,304,000
FAW X-PV Power EditionPKR 1,344,000
FAW X-PV StandardPKR 1,274,000
FAW Carrier DecklessPKR 1,004,000
FAW Carrier FlatbedPKR 1,014,000
FAW Carrier StandardP KR 1,024,000

These are the prices that this automobile manufacturer in Pakistan is offering to its consumers. If we look at the pricing, we will notice a significant difference in the costs of all cars, as car prices in Pakistan have risen significantly this year due to a variety of factors, including raising taxes.

FAW Cars Features and Specifications:

When it comes to the features of these cars, it is fair to say that the company has attempted to include all necessary features in their vehicles to assist their customers as well as compete with other leading car brands in Pakistan’s automotive industry, as the competition is becoming increasingly fierce these days, as we all know, as we all know, a new car brand is bringing different unique cars to Pakistan every day.


These cars are readily available throughout Pakistan at several FAW showrooms, which are located in both minor and bigger cities. This concludes our discussion about FAW car prices in Pakistan in 2022. If you want to buy a cheap car for everyday use, this brand is one of the finest possibilities for you. The shape of the cars supplied by this brand may not match your ideal automobile, but its features and specs will certainly help you.

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