Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, SpecsIn Pakistan, the Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 is a double cabin pickup truck. Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 Price in Pakistan 2022 is what we’ve got for you today. JAC, a Chinese automobile manufacturer, debuted this car in Pakistan for the first time. They expressed an interest in and willingness to work on electric vehicles in Pakistan, which is currently a developing market for automobile manufacturers.

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 ExteriorEvery company wants a piece of Pakistan’s automobile sector. Because Nissan does not assemble this vehicle in Pakistan, it is available in used condition. Nissan, on the other hand, is a Pakistani corporation. Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, and Isuzu D-Max, on the other hand, are JAC T6’s main opponents. This article will cover all of the above topics in-depth, as well as the pricing of this vehicle in Pakistan in 2022.

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 2022 Price in Pakistan

The cost of these cars is determined by the vehicle’s general condition and engine performance. Dents and other crash-related factors reduce the car’s worth and lower its price compared to its original and market value. Customers from all throughout the country can readily access the Ghandhara Nissan used trucks.

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6The minimum price of a used JAC T6 is PKR 2650000

Furthermore, the vehicle’s maintenance is costly. It is still a basic need because, without adequate care and repair, the engine causes problems in the drive, and bad vehicle maintenance is occasionally the cause of a crash.

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 Features:

You’re all aware of the truck’s design and engine specifications. Aside from that, the car has other attractive qualities that set it apart from other vehicles.

  • Device Immobilizer
  • Climate control
  • Audio MP3/FM
  • Power steering
  • Power door locks
  • Steering switches
  • Double Cabin body type
  • Multi-information display and infotainment system
  • Central Locking system
  • The battery in Volts 12
  • Fuel Tank Capacity is 76 liter
  • Power windows
  • Top Speed 180 KM/H

This car has the most up-to-date features to meet the needs of the customers on every voyage, and they were not irritated at any point during the journey.

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 Specification:

The 2.0 Litre DOHC 16 Valve Engine and the 2.8 Litre DOHC 16 Valve Engine have been separated from the Gandhara Nissan T6. Both engines are more efficient, increasing the vehicle’s efficiency. This vehicle’s engine is powerful enough to provide a smooth ride.

The management of this automobile engine uses high-quality materials to improve the off-road experience of the car owners, so they don’t have to stare at other vehicles or feel inferior. This brand’s car runs faster and smoother, allowing the driver to get to their destination in less time and avoid wasting time. Instead, they are cheerful and energetic, focusing entirely on the task at hand.

Engine displacement capacity2771 cc
Engine typeHFC4DAI model 2.0-liter turbocharged standard rail diesel engine and Type is In-line-4
Power production capability(km/rpm)         57/3600
No.of cylinder and valvesFour4 cylinder and 16 valves
Fuel type and fuel tank capacityDiesel and 65 Liters
Transmission mechanism type5 Forward (OverDrive) & 1 Reverse automatic
Mileage12 kilometers per liter to 14 kilometers per liter

This truck’s clutch-type is Diaphragm spring 250. They’re on their way to the vehicle’s suspension. Wishbone Independent Suspension with Torsion Bar is used in the front suspension, while leaf springs are used in the rear suspension. Furthermore, Ghandhara Nissan’s brakes are Hydraulic Brake and Drum Type, ensuring the safety of the occupants in all driving modes. Furthermore, the front disc brake and rear drum brakes are sufficient to maintain vehicle control.

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 Extrtior:

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 Exterior

The three quadrilateral chrome bars that run across it have been secured. This tiny truck’s exterior appearance is attractive enough to place it among first-class vehicles. Aside from the outer shell, the car has four side doors with lovely plush door handles, as well as a back hatch door for storing extra luggage within the vehicle. During the entire journey, everything in this car’s storage area is protected.

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 Intrtior:

When you carefully read all of the preceding articles, you will know that this car is great. The vehicle’s interior design complies with current standards. This vehicle’s seats are soft enough that you may sleep peacefully on extended rides. According to the company’s official claim, five people can sit comfortably in this vehicle.

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 Interior

Furthermore, you should feel protected inside of this car in any weather condition. The company installs the latest infotainment technologies in this car to deliver the occupants perfect drive by their mode.

Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 safety measures:

Because the corporation understands that the occupants’ lives are important, the safety criteria for this carriage are exceptional. However, how much is it worth?

  • ABS (antilock braking system) with EBD (electronic brakes distribution force)
  • Safety airbags
  • Rear Suspension Leaf Spring 3+2
  • Diaphragm spring 250 clutch type
  • Wishbone Independent front Suspension with Torsion Bar
  • Front disc and rear drum
  • DF 220, 6X2 Truck Chassis
  • 2.0-liter turbocharged standard rail diesel engine
  • Hydraulic Brake

Furthermore, the safety features of this automobile compete with the safety features of other vehicles, regardless of whether the cost of the second vehicle is higher than the cost of this vehicle.


The Nissan Ghandhara is a mid-size truck that was specifically developed for the loading mission. However, while this is a truck, its features set it apart. Because it is developed for loading purposes, these elements captivate and hold the buyer’s attention from the moment it is introduced. It also has steering control and power steering, as well as vehicle stability control and traction control. We hope you enjoyed our analysis of the Ghandhara Nissan JAC T6 Price in Pakistan 2022.

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