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Hero Vida V1 Pro Electric Scooter 2023 Price in Pakistan

Electric Scooter 2023 Price in Pakistan

Hero Vida V1 Pro Electric Scooter 2023 Price in PakistanYou might not be the only one who was astonished by the post’s title. E-scooter users are in shock with the release of the Hero Vida V1 Pro. Due to its remarkable range, Hero MotoCorp’s fresh admission into the electric scooter club has made the local news. Every aspect will be covered, including the Hero Vida V1 Pro’s range test results and price in India. Let’s get going.

Electric Scooter 2023 Price in Pakistan

Hero Vida V1 Pro Price in India

We have the most recent price for this fantastic electric scooter, the Hero Vida V1 Pro, in India. The Hero Vida V1 Pro costs Rs. 1.7 lac in India.

Hero Vida V1 ProRs. 1.7 lac

Hero Vida V1 Pro Price in Pakistan

Hero Vida V1 ProPKR 601,000

What’s Special About Hero Vida V1 Pro?

HeroMoto Corp has succeeded where other e-scooter producers have failed. The Hero Vida V1 Pro electric scooter, which has an amazing road range, was just released by the business. The big 3.94kWh battery allows for a single charge to last up to 150 miles. The enthusiasts of this e-scooter are currently going absolutely crazy in India. The specifics of the Hero Vida V1 Pro range test are provided below.

150KM Range Electric Scooter:

The range of an electric scooter typically differs from what the manufacturer promises. You may evaluate the actual range of your e-scooter by conducting a real-world road test. After fully charging both batteries, the Hero Vida V1 Pro is put through a range test in the video below. Here is how the test was carried out by the expert. Starting in Eco mode, the expert maintained a top speed of 40 km/h. 38% of the battery’s capacity was used up in the first 50 km, leaving 62% of the capacity. The scooter has a 60Km range when the battery was about 53% full.

The expert switched to cruise control at 50% charge. For the V1 Pro to have the greatest potential range, cruise control let the vehicle reach a top speed of about 40 km/h. The battery had travelled 85 kilometres and was at 36%. The electric scooter travelled 94 kilometres on a 30% charge. After 100km, the scooter’s battery had depleted to 24%. With 24% of the battery in reserve, the Hero Vida V1 Pro would have a range of 100 miles on a single charge.

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