Hi Speed 70 2023 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Hi Speed 70 2023 Price in Pakistan. Raazy Motors is a Pakistani manufacturer of high-speed bikes. You can get the Hi-Speed 70 Price In Pakistan right here. In Pakistan, High-speed is renowned for its high-quality bicycles. Following the introduction of Hi-Speed Infinity in Pakistan, the brand gained notoriety. This bike became well-liked among young people. Every year, the corporation has been introducing new models with adjustments. According to the shifting demands of the automobile sector, changes are made.

Hi Speed 70 2023 Price

The primary factor in Pakistan’s Hi-Speed Company’s success is that they design their bikes while taking into consideration the opinions of their esteemed clients. Here, the business has unveiled a mid-range bike for everyday usage for its clients, delivering the same features and specs as other Chinese brands. Let’s take a look at its features and specifications, but first, it’s important to know how much the company is charging for this bike. This bicycle costs as follows:

Hi Speed 70 2023 Price in Pakistan

Hi Speed 70 2023PKR 85,000


Kerb Weight82 kg
Ground Clearance136 mm
Displacement72 cc
Transmission Type4 Speed
Fuel TypePetrol


The features haven’t changed, but the price has significantly increased. After raising the price, the business did not add any additional features to this bike. This bike’s fundamental characteristics include:

  • Front Headlight
  • Kick Start
  • Side Indicators
  • Front Drum Brakes
  • Rear Drum Brakes
  • 12 Volt Battery
  • Analogue Speedometer

These are some of the standard features that come with this bike. The manufacturer asserts that additional features will be added to this bike in the future, radically altering its appearance.


There are just two colours available for this bike: red and black. The paint quality is adequate yet respectable for the pricing range. Due to its popularity for several reasons, the majority of Chinese bike dealers are selling this bike in red. Additionally, if you want to get this bike in black, you can do so after a few days with a pre-order.


This bike’s engine is comparable to those made in China that are utilized in Pakistan. This bike has a 70cc engine, which occasionally results in a faster speed than the Honda CD 70, which has a 68cc engine. Due to their lighter weight and more effective engines, Chinese bikes are faster than those made in other countries. Additionally, like like other Chinese bikes, these bikes only have a kick start and no push start option.

Fuel Tank Capacity:

This motorcycle’s fuel tank has a maximum capacity of nearly 10 gallons. This is relevant in this case because other bikes can store almost a litre of fuel. This bike is extremely fuel-efficient because it can travel up to 700 kilometres on a single tank of petrol.

Maintenance Cost

Its maintenance costs are lower than those of Honda bikes because it is a Chinese bike. There isn’t a single dealership that Hi-Speed offers where you can get hassle-free maintenance. Only several Random mechanics could maintain this bike, yet the cost is quite little.

The cost of an oil change and tuning, which is required after purchasing a new bike, is most likely 600 rupees. But before taking any reviews, be careful to avoid visiting random mechanics. So simply choose to go to licensed mechanics.

Weight & Design

This bike’s construction keeps the overall weight low, allowing riders to manoeuvre it with ease and without risk of injury. Additionally, this bike weighs 82 kg in total, and its simple design only includes essential components like headlights and four indicators with conventional bulbs inside.


Finally, after reading all the features, characteristics, and other details about this bike that were previously displayed, you must now consider either updating your bike or purchasing a new bike for yourself. As a result, allow me to say that this bike is one of the greatest Chinese bikes for everyday usage. Simply bring your national identification card with you to any local Chinese bike dealer, make your payment, and then pick up your bike.

Most people are switching to fuel-efficient bikes because gas costs are growing, so if you are one of them, this bike will be very helpful to you. You can order this bike online or by calling customer service, and the firm will bring it right to your home or any other location you specify. The company also offers a home delivery option for this bike. This was all about the Pakistani price of the Hi-Speed 70.

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