Honda City 1.2LS 2022 Model Price In Pakistan

Honda City 1.2LS 2022 Model Price In PakistanHonda City is one of the most popular Honda models. It is for this reason that people are interested in knowing the pricing of the New 6th Generation Honda City 2022 in Pakistan. You may review all of the details on the Honda City model for 2022 right here. You can also look at photographs, reviews, and price information on the Honda City 2022 in addition to its features and specifications. Get details on the number of seats, horsepower, engine rating, and fuel economy.

Honda City 1.2LS 2022 Model

Many people choose to purchase a new car from a dealership. Honda City 2021 showrooms may be found in a number of Pakistani cities. Customers can use their services for both sales and support. If you are on a tight budget, you may save a lot of money by purchasing a used Honda City.

Honda City 2022 Launch in Pakistan

Maybe On Feb 29, the 6th Generation Honda City 2022 was unveiled. For more than ten years, the 5th Generation dominated the country. The world, on the other hand, moved on to the 6th and then 7th generations of the popular automobile. The 6th Generation had its international premiere in 2014, and it is now making its way to Pakistan. Even before the Honda City 2021 arrives in Pakistan, reservations have begun. However, the price of a Honda City 2022 booking in Pakistan varies according to the variant.

Honda City 2022 Model

New Honda City Interior

Honda City 2022 Model

New Honda City variants

Honda City 2022 will be offered in five different configurations. There are three CVT transmissions and two manual transmissions available. The following are the names:

  1. Honda City 1.2L MT
  2. City 1.2L CVT
  3. City 1.5L CVT
  4. Honda City Aspire 1.5L MT
  5. City Aspire 1.5L CVT

Interior of Honda City 2022

The interior of the Honda City 2022 is pleasant for both the driver and the passengers. The vehicle has a number of advanced features.

Honda City 1.2LS

Honda City 2022 Model Car Price Pakistan

Honda City 2021 spare parts are readily available in Pakistan’s various car markets. Further information can be obtained at the Honda City showroom in Pakistan PKR 2,599,000

The exterior of Honda City 2022

Because of the improved build quality, the Honda City 2022 exterior is long-lasting. Overall, the car has a pleasant appearance.

The inside of the car bears a strong resemblance to the previous model, with a design and layout that is practically identical to the 5th generation Honda City. That isn’t to suggest the design and layout aren’t good, but the style is unmistakable of a previous generation. Honda City 1.2LS 2022 Model Price

Colors for Honda City in 2022

The Honda City is available in 7 different colors.

  1. Cameline Red
  2. Urban Titanium
  3. Taffeta White
  4. Lunar Silver Metallic
  5. Modern Steel Metallic
  6. Sporty Blue Metallic
  7. Crystal Black Pearl

Honda City 1.2LS CVT Specs

Honda City 1.2LS CVT Specs

Honda City 1.2LS CVT Specification

Honda City 1.2LS CVT Specifications

Honda City 1.2LS CVT features

Honda City 1.2LS CVT feature

Honda City 1.2LS CVT

Honda City 1.2LS CVT info

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