Honda City 7th Generation Price in Pakistan

Honda City 7th Generation Price in Pakistan. Honda City is a popular car in Pakistan, and this article will tell you everything you need to know about the new Honda City 7th Generation Price in Pakistan, including features and characteristics. The Honda City has changed dramatically as new technology has become available. The exterior of the vehicle has been updated to make it more sleek and modern.

Honda City 7th Generation Price in Pakistan

Honda City 7th Generation

Honda city fans are overjoyed at the announcement and they are eagerly anticipating the car’s arrival in Pakistan. As it will be unlike any other Honda city model ever released in Pakistan. We’ll go over some of the car’s characteristics as well as its projected price because, as you know, it has yet to be introduced in Pakistan. So we won’t be able to give you the precise price until Honda officials make an official announcement about the car’s price in Pakistan.

Honda City 7th Generation Price in Pakistan

This automobile is expected to sell for around PKR 3,000,000 in Pakistan.

Honda City 7th GenerationPKR 3,000,000 expected

Fuel Average:

Honda has increased the fuel economy in recent versions, which is one of the car’s best features. It has a fuel efficiency of 15-16 kilometres per litre.


Power windows, power locks, a tilt steering wheel, and an anti-theft alarm system are standard on the Honda City 7th generation’s cabin.

honda city 7th generation interior

A trip computer, heated front seats, and an optional navigation system with voice recognition technology are among the available options. Satellite Radio, iPod compatibility, and Bluetooth wireless technology are all included.


The appearance of the Honda City 7th generation is a traditional three-box design with a tall hood. Wraparound backlights and rear appearance influenced by the Honda Accord sixth generation.

Honda City 7th Generation price

A broad grille with chrome elements and swept-back headlamps are integrated into the front fascia. The back end is distinguished by boomerang-shaped taillights integrated into the trunk lid.


In Pakistan, the Honda City is one of the most popular vehicles. Because of its durability, efficiency, and performance, the Honda City is a popular car in Pakistan. Assume you’re in the market for a car. The Honda City 7th Generation is a wonderful alternative in this situation because it offers a lot of fascinating features. This will increase the overall quality of your trip.

Honda City 7th Generation FAQs

Q1. Which year Honda City is best?

Ans: Which Honda City model year is the best to buy used? The 4th generation Honda City models built between 2015 and 2019 are the greatest used Honda City model years to buy for the best value.

Q2. Is Honda City 7th Gen launching in Pakistan?

Ans: The corporation recently debunked all suspicions and demonstrated that it has even better ambitions for Pakistan. The ‘7th generation Honda City will be introduced to Pakistan by Honda Atlas. In India, the 7th generation City is available in two models, both with normally aspirated 4-cylinder engines.

Q3. Is Honda launching a new City?

Ans: A 1.5-litre gasoline engine will be paired with two electric motors in the City hybrid. Honda Cars India has stated that the City hybrid would be available for purchase in the second half of 2022. The model was released earlier this year in other countries and is now available in Malaysia.

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