Honda Set To Launch Multiple Hybrid Models In Malaysia

Honda Set To Launch Multiple Hybrid Models In Malaysia. The purpose of Honda Malaysia’s (HM) “Gen H” campaign is to advertise its hybrid vehicles and technologies. The letter ‘H’ in the term ‘Gen H’ stands for ‘Honda, Hybrid, and Hype. As part of this promotion, Honda will go on a national tour to show off its hybrid technology to the general population.

Attendees will have the chance to use Honda’s e: HEV hybrid technology, which is featured in well-known models like the City, City Hatchback, Civic, and HR-V, during the Gen H events. This e: HEV vehicles are all offered in the most expensive RS trim. The roadshow will feature a number of entertaining activities in addition to exhibiting the hybrid technology.

Honda Set To Launch Multiple Hybrid Models In Malaysia

Honda Set To Launch Multiple Hybrid Models

Additionally, visitors can take part in seminars, play arcade games, consume food and drinks, view graffiti art made by regional artists, and explore an “immersive area” packed with engaging activities.

The roadshow is scheduled to begin on June 3–4 in Linear Park in Taman Desa Tebrau, Johor Bahru, with an opening celebration. On June 10 and 11, it will then relocate to Juru Auto City in Penang. On June 17–18, the grand finale will take place in Carpark C of Stadium Bukit Jalil. Everyone attending the roadshow is admitted free of charge.

According to Honda Malaysia’s CEO and Managing Director, Hironobu Yoshimura, the Malaysian market is crucial for locally produced hybrid vehicles. He emphasized that hybrid technology gives drivers an enjoyable and efficient driving experience.

The Achievable

The City’s RS e: HEV variant, powered by a 1.5L e: HEV engine, was unveiled by Honda Malaysia in 2020 and made its premiere there. Since then, the City e: HEV, 1,600 City Hatchback, 2,600 HR-V Hybrid, and 600 Civic e: HEV has all been sold successfully by Honda Malaysia. These figures demonstrate how well-liked and in-demand Honda’s hybrid cars are in the Malaysian market.

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