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Honda Trigger 150 CB 2022 Price In Pakistan Specs, Features

Honda Trigger 150 CB 2022 Price In Pakistan Specs, FeaturesHonda is a brand that stands for quality and excellence. The price of the Honda Trigger 150CB 2022 in Pakistan is listed below. They just released another bike, the Honda Trigger 150CB 2022, which has sparked excitement and fun in the hearts of the public. This is one of the best bikes with a high top speed limit, and it’s excellent news for Pakistanis because it uses Japanese technology with minimal fuel consumption.

Honda Trigger 150 CB 2022 Price In Pakistan Specs, Features

Honda Trigger 150 CB black

The bike is a comprehensive picture of what you need when faced with a gasoline crisis and, more importantly, when you need your mode of transportation to be inexpensive. There is a slew of more impressive features that will make your heart melt for this bike.

Honda Trigger 150 CB 2022 Price In Pakistan:

In Pakistan, the Honda Trigger 150CB 2022 costs PKR. 130,000/. This model is not currently available in showrooms, although it can be purchased in used condition. Honda is one of the most well-known automobile manufacturers in the world. They are the most popular in motorcycles, and Honda motorcycles are the most dependable, efficient, and long-lasting.

Honda Trigger 150 CB

Specifications of the Honda Trigger 150 CB:

ModelHonda Trigger 150CB
Horsepower11 Horse Power
Top speed60 km/per Hour
Fuel Tank Capacity12 liters
Available colorRed and Black Color


PricePKR. 130,000/.

Honda Trigger 150 CB 2022 Features:

The bike is of 11 Horse Power making it one of the strong bikes.
60 km/per hour is the top speed that you may acquire making it safe to drive for new drivers.
The fuel tank capacity of the bikes is 12 liters which is a lot more than the normal bike of 70 or 100cc.
150cc Engine Displacement makes it a great bike too.
The availability of this bike is in Red and Black Color.
Target age or you may say it is expected to last for almost and between 18-24 years which is quite a lifetime. This may be extended if you are a gentle user.
4-stroke and carburetor engine is one of the best ones.
Continuous 4 Speed Mesh Transmission is what you are aiming to get in this bike.
New and Beautiful Graphics make it a stylish and good-looking yet sophisticated bike.
Strong Side Cover with Lock is just something that you can’t overlook because safety is a must feature.

When it comes to environmental safety, the Non-Asbestos and Eco-Friendly Brakes System is an example of thoughtfulness in the formulation and design of this bike. You may buy a bike like the Trigger 150CB 2022 Price In Pakistan for PKR. 130,000/, which is completely worth every penny you paid for it.

Honda CB Trigger 150 Mileage:

The precise fuel mileage is unknown, although according to certain reports, this bike travels roughly 50 kilometers. On the other side, you can obtain precise mileage from those who use it.

Honda 150CC Heavy Bike 2022

Honda CB Trigger 150 Top Speed:

This motorcycle appears to be a heavy machine, but people are suddenly interested in its top speed. This bike’s top speed is 127 kilometers per hour.

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