How Much to Service a Car in 2022

How Much to Service a Car in 2022. To maintain your car healthy and free of problems, you should service it every 6,000 miles. But, with so much variance in car service prices and so many possibilities for car service, how do you know if you’re getting good value for your money and not just a cheap service?

So you know what a good service deal looks like, we averaged the costs from the top Google search results for vehicle services to offer you an easy guideline on what to anticipate from your next car service, what to expect to pay, and the difference between a cheap service and a value-for-money service.

How Much to Service a Car in 2022

How Much to Service a Car

Let’s start with the various types of automobile services accessible, what factors influence their cost, and how to compare car service expenses to obtain the best bargain.

Different types of car service:

In general, there are three main sorts of automotive services: interim, full, and major. Each service is advised for your car at different service intervals,’ which are determined by the vehicle’s age or usage. Take a look at our comparison of interim and full service for help deciding which option is best for you.

A service interval is a manufacturer’s advice for when to service a vehicle based on how old it is and how many miles it has been travelled. These are scheduled to keep your car in the finest possible functioning condition as it ages.

  • Interim service – recommended every 6,000 miles or at least every 6 months
  • Full service – recommended every 12,000 miles or at least every 12 months
  • Major service – recommended every 24,000 miles or at least every 24 months

What factors influence the price of a car service?

  • Type of service (depending on vehicle mileage & age)
  • Outstanding vehicle warranty
  • Engine size
  • Vehicle make & model
  • Quality of Service

Vehicles with engines smaller than 2.0 litres typically have lower maintenance costs. Performance automobiles, electric vehicles, and some plug-in hybrids, on the other hand, may require more costly servicing if specialised diagnostic equipment is necessary.

Cars like the Ford Fiesta and the Vauxhall Corsa will have cheaper servicing costs. These vehicles are commonly utilised and require inexpensive, readily available parts. They also have less costly flaws, and when they do break down, they are usually easier and faster to repair.

Is your car still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

The cost of the service will be fixed for cars that are still under warranty, and you should stick to the manufacturer’s recommended repair plan. You must adhere to the service schedule in order to keep the car’s warranty valid; otherwise, if the automobile is not serviced properly, the guarantee may be voided. If this relates to your vehicle, visit our blog to learn more about service and vehicle warranties.

How to compare car service prices:

When looking for automobile services, the pricing and the service checklist are the two most important elements to consider. All of the checks, reports, tests and part replacements that are part of the service are listed on a service checklist. Check out our service checklists to learn what’s included in each of Stoneacre’s services.

When comparing services from different suppliers, make sure to analyse the pricing in relation to what the service truly includes. This will be the most accurate indicator of cost-effectiveness. A more expensive service does not always imply that it will perform more checks or include particular part replacements as standard. This information can be found on the service checklist (if one is provided) so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

If you look at the service checklist for our full auto service, you’ll notice that air filters and oil filter changes, as well as engine oil, are all included in the price. Other garages may not include these costs in the price of a service. And if you look at our service checklist for major auto service, you’ll discover that replacement spark plugs and fuel filters are included in the car service cost too.

How much is a car service?

We calculated the average cost of a car service using Google’s top search results for intermediate, full, and major services. We used a 2018 1.2 litre Ford Fiesta Zetec with 32,000 miles on the clock to get quotes. We’ve also included an average of how many maintenance inspections each service option includes.

What is the price of an oil change?

A change of the engine oil and filter is usually included in an interim service, although it can also be done separately. The average cost of an oil and filter change from Google’s top results was £62. This price, however, is likely to be influenced by the type of engine oil your vehicle uses.

What is the cost of an interim automobile service?

The average cost of an interim service from the top Google search results was £98, with providers providing 35 checks on average as part of their interim solution.

What is the cost of full-auto service?

Comprehensive service from the top Google results cost an average of £160. As part of their comprehensive service, companies offered an average of 54 checks.

What is the cost of a major car service?

All organisations that provide complete and interim servicing do not provide a substantial service. The average cost of significant car servicing from the top Google results was £221, with an average of 64 checks.

How much does an MOT cost?

The cost of a class 4 MOT, which is for passenger vehicles with an 8-person capacity, is set by the government at £54.85. The cost of an MOT varies greatly between garages, with some giving it for as little as £20 if combined with a service. Typically, garages charge around £54.85 at a dealership.

How much should a combined MOT and servicing cost?

Many garages will give you a discount if you arrange your MOT with a service. Because your automobile needs to be serviced every year, it’s a good idea to get it serviced and MOT tested at the same time. It will save you time and money on your MOT by avoiding several journeys to the garage. Even if your MOT isn’t discounted, scheduling it for the same day as your service is always a good idea to save time, if not money.

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