Top 5 Tips for Winter Driving Safety in Maine

Top 5 Tips for Winter Driving Safety in Maine. Winter has come in Maine, which means that the roads will be covered with snow and ice. Maine residents are no strangers to icy roads in the winter, but whether you’re a novice driver or need a refresher on winter driving, Downeast Toyota has you prepared. With a few easy pieces of advice from Downeast Toyota, learn how to drive on snow and ice in Bangor, ME.

How To Drive On Snow

Top 5 Tips for Winter Driving Safety in Maine

1. Smooth driving is preferable to rapid acceleration and braking.

Slow is smooth in the cold, and smooth is swift. When driving on snow or ice, avoid abrupt acceleration and braking. When you accelerate too quickly, your wheels spin, and you skid. There’s a chance you’ll lose traction and slide if you brake quickly.

2. Keep your focus on the road ahead.

In the winter, it’s more crucial than ever to keep your eyes on the road ahead. Keep your eyes on the road ahead of you and anticipate traffic flow. Allow yourself more time to slow down before turning and additional stopping room on snow and ice.

3. Keep an eye on the traction control.

When the wheels begin to skid and you lose grip on snow or ice, Toyota Traction Control illuminates the dashboard with indicator light. When you see the Traction Control indication light in the winter, take advantage of this notification and let off the gas pedal.

4. Look in the area you want to go.

When your Toyota begins to slide, take a look in the direction you wish to go. Concentrate on your destination and take steps to make any modifications and reach safety. This is a race car driver’s approach for staying safe on the track, and it can help you recover from skids this winter. Driving Safety in Maine

5. Learn how to deal with a skid

When winter approaches, you will almost certainly experience a skid or slide while driving. Don’t be alarmed; know what to do and how to react to keep safe. Don’t slam on the brakes; instead, let off the gas and fine-tune your steering. When driving a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, steering into the skid is critical for regaining traction.


Q.1 What does Maine use on its roads in winter?

MaineDOT’s proactive usage of salt brine is two-fold: first, prior to a storm, salt brine is applied to roads and bridges to prevent ice and snow from clinging to the road. Second, during the storm, salt brine sprayed on rock salt is employed in plowing to prevent the accumulation of ice and snow.

Q.2 Do cars rust in Maine?

Rust and corrosion are the fastest ways to turn that bright, gleaming new Maine car into a Maine secondhand car. Many states use sand to add traction to their roads, but Maine also uses calcium chloride, which attacks your vehicle’s underside.

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