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Hyundai Releases Electric Car Version of 1980s

Hyundai Releases Electric Car Version of 1980s. Hyundai designers created the Heritage Series Grandeur, a modernized, all-electric version of the company’s 1980s saloon automobile. The automaker preserved the boxy design of the first-generation Grandeur while adding amenities like pixel-style LED headlamps and taillights.

Redesigned side mirrors wrapped wheels and sliding cladding were also built for the Heritage Series Grandeur. The interior of the car has been given a sumptuous makeover with burgundy velvet. Upholstery in the front seats and auburn napa leather in the back evoking the original’s interiors.

Hyundai Releases Electric Version of 1980s Grandeur saloon Car

hyundai heritage Series Grandeur Electric car

The dashboard’s buttons and dials have been replaced by an ultra-wide touch screen display. While the single-spoke steering wheel and airplane-style gearstick are meant to evoke the 1980s. Other details include a secret pop-out box in the center console armrest for hiding valuables and bronze-colored lighting that evokes 1980s audio equipment.


Hyundai Releases Electric

The Heritage Series is a collection of books about the history of Guk-il Yu, a South Korean sound designer. Who designed Grandeur’s own sound system, which features 18 speakers. The dashboard and center console of the car, according to the company, was designed to mimic the acoustics of concert hall construction. “Newtro (newness + retro)” is how Hyundai describes its design approach.

hyundai heritage series

The Heritage Series Grandeur is a concept automobile that was created to commemorate. The original’s 35th anniversary while also informing Hyundai’s future automotive designs. It will not be mass-produced. “As our designers imagine the future. It’s crucial to look back on what we’ve done in the past for inspiration,” said Hak-soo Ha, head of the Hyundai Design Center’s interior group.

Hyundai Releases Electric

Our designers have reimagined an important aspect of Hyundai’s history with the Heritage Series Grandeur as a beautifully distinctive blend of antique and contemporary that symbolizes the unlimited possibilities of our [electric vehicle] era,” he added.

Hyundai already completed a similar endeavor with the Pony hatchback from 1975, and the company plans to expand its Heritage Series with more concept remakes in the future.

Hyundai 1975 Hatchback

hyundai 1975 hatchback

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