Is Suzuki Every Finally Launching This Month?

Is Suzuki Every Finally Launching This Month? Suzuki Every is one of the most awaited vehicles in Pakistan. Various rumours about its possible arrival have circulated over the previous few years. The first time we heard about Suzuki Every and the termination of Suzuki Bolan was in August 2021, when the Lahore High Court (LHC) ordered the Engineering Development Board (EDB) to guarantee that all car manufacturers assemble vehicle airbags by WP-29 safety rules. The EDB set a 2021 deadline for implementing these safety rules. It was, however, extended until 2023. Is Suzuki Every Finally Launching

Since this development, the market assumed that the Suzuki Bolan would be retired since it lacked an airbag and would be replaced by the Suzuki Every. However, the deadline was extended to mid-2024, and we informed you that Suzuki Pakistan would introduce Every to meet WP-29 requirements. However, there is a chance that the Every will arrive before mid-2024, and the source, you may ask, is PAPS 2023.

About Suzuki Every:

So, at the recently concluded Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS 2023), our favourite Suneel Munj visited various stalls and shops of auto-related enterprises. During that tour, he stopped at the exhibit of Karachi Tools, Dies, and Moulds Centre, which manufactures significant automotive components for many Pakistani automakers.

The company’s official described their textured technology for manufacturing automotive parts such as dashboards and door panels throughout the conversation. “Our next project is Suzuki Every, which is coming next month (November 2023),” he said with a laugh. He swiftly responded, however, saying the company is still working on it. Can we expect the Suzuki Every to be out this month? Watch this video till 19:50 and then decide:


During the same interview, Suneel inquired about the engine in the future Every, and the official stated that the car would have a 660cc engine. So, here’s the latest on Suzuki’s new vehicle, which we expect will be released this month and will finally replace the decades-old Suzuki Bolan.

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