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Jolta E-Bikee JE-70 Price in Pakistan (Specs, Features)

Jolta E-Bikee JE-70 Price in Pakistan (Specs, Features)This bike is solely made in the United States, with no outside sponsorship or partner ventures. People from all around the country have praised it, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, who unveiled the bike in Islamabad on July 8.

Jolta E-Bikee JE-70 70cc Price in Pakistan (Specs, Features)

Jolta E-Bikee JE-70 Price in Pakistan (Specs, Features)

The Jolta E-Bike JE-70 is amazing and has a lot of great features. It is not only inexpensive, but it may also help you save a significant amount of money per month by eliminating the need to purchase pricey gasoline on a daily basis. As a result, some customers have made instant reservations for the JE-70, hoping to help the environment while also saving part of their hard-earned cash.

Jolta E-Bikee JE-70 Price in Pakistan

Because it is made in India, the JE-70L is affordably priced at 82,500 rupees. Furthermore, unlike gas bikes, which require 5000 rupees in petrol and other maintenance costs per month, maintenance costs are only 1000 rupees per month.

Model Name Price
JE-70RS 82,500

The battery utilized in the bikes is also reasonably priced, costing only 20000 rupees and lasting at least 2.5 years. As a result, you won’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars every year on a new battery.

Jolta E-Bike JE-70 Specifications:

The JE- 70L electric bike boasts a number of distinctive characteristics that will entice you to get one right away. Rather than purchasing gasoline on a daily basis, you will just need to charge the bike’s battery for three hours (it takes two units of electricity to charge completely, which costs approximately 50 rupees).

When completely charged, the bike can ride 80 kilometers in Eco Mode and 60 kilometers in Turbo Mode. When the road is flat and clear, it has 1000W of power and can reach a top speed of 60 km/hr. The bike can reach a top speed of 10-20 km/hr if the route is slanted.

Jolta Electric Bicycle Advantages of the JE-70 Over Petrol Bikes:

For various reasons, the JE-70L electric bike is better than standard gasoline bikes. The bike’s key benefit is that it is noiseless and pollution-free, which is incredibly beneficial to the environment. It also has a low cost of ownership and requires little upkeep. E-bikes are also more convenient and comfortable to ride than traditional bicycles.

Reviews of the Jolta E-Bike JE-70:

The electric bike has proved a huge hit with the public, with several reservations already made. Teachers, students, and courier services, as well as people living in rural places, express interest because they just need to travel short distances.

These easy-to-maintain bicycles are currently being produced for public usage. Currently, 1,000 bikes are produced per month, but by December, the goal is to create at least 6000 bikes per month. This is in accordance with Pakistan’s five-year EV Policy, which specifies that by 2030, 30% of all vehicles should be electric.

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