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Jolta E-Scooty 2022 Price in Pakistan (Specs, Features)

Jolta E-Scooty 2022 Price in Pakistan (Specs, Features)Jolta Electric first came to public attention in July, when Pakistan’s Prime Minister unveiled the JE 70, the country’s first electric bike. The company has also unveiled a range of electric motorcycles with varied engine outputs. While the bikes are yet to hit the streets, Jolta Electric has now released an electric scooter. It is worth noting that the demand for scooters in the country has surged in recent years.

Jolta Electric-Scooty 2022 Price in Pakistan

Jolta JE-Scooty

Many female drivers have expressed interest in purchasing scooties since they are more convenient to drive in congested areas. On the list of cookies for females, we may expect the JE-scooty to be a popular choice. Without further ado, let’s look at the Jolta e-scooty price in Pakistan, specifications, and launch information to get you started.

Price of Jolta E-Scooty in Pakistan

Do you want to know how much a Jolta e-scooty costs in Pakistan? The price has been adjusted up to PKR 110,000 by the company. It is available for purchase at authorized Jolta Electric dealerships in the United States.

Model NamePrice
Jolta E-ScootyPKR 110,000

JE-Scooty Specfications:

The newly released JE-scooty is equipped with a 1500W motor and a 20 amp-hour dry battery. According to the business, once completely charged, the scooty can reach a top speed of 55 km/h. The scooty has a range of 60 kilometers on a single full charge.

Battery Info

The JE-scooty is powered by a dry battery from Jolta Electric. The scooty can be charged overnight. When it comes to unit consumption, the company believes that charging the batteries will need 1.8 units of electricity.


The JE-scooty has a great overall appearance and feels to it. The design is reminiscent of the Honda Dio (launched in the Chinese market). When we consider the scooty’s seating comfort and small size, it’s easy to understand why it’ll be a hit with females. The manufacturer, on the other hand, made it for both men and women.

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