Jolta Electric Bicycle Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Jolta Electric JE-Cycle

Jolta Electric Bicycle Price in Pakistan. A hybrid cycle is the Jolta electric cycle. The first electric cycle in Pakistan was run by a lithium battery. Price of a Jolt electric cycle in Pakistan in 2022. A motorised bicycle with an electric motor that aids in propulsion is known as an electric bicycle. Pakistani Electric Cycle Cost.

Jolta Electric JE-Cycle

There are many various types of e-bikes available across the world, but they normally fall into two primary categories: Jolta bikes that boost the rider’s pedal power and bikes that add a throttle, including moped-style characteristics. Latest Model Price of Jolta Electric Bicycle in Pakistan.

JOLTA Electric creates its Electric Conversion Kits as a premium brand with the kind of quality and integrity that encourages an amazing riding experience. Beyond that, we endeavoured to pick a motorcycle whose parts were readily available across the country so that our customers could feel and ride without problem.

Jolta Electric Bicycle Price in Pakistan

The Price of jolta Electric JE-Cycle is RS 42,500 in Pakistan.

Jolta Electric JE-CyclePKR 42,500


Here are the specifications of jolta electric bicycle.

Maximum Speed35KM/H
Charging Time3 Hours
Mileage Per Charge30 Kilometers
Motor Power250 Watts
Battery Power36/12AH
Battery InstalledLithium-ION
Tyres With TubesYes
Disk BreaksNo

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Q1. What is the price of Jolta electric cycle in Pakistan?

Ans: The Jolta Electric JE-Cycle costs 42,500 Indian rupees.

Q2. Is an electric bike safe?

Ans: E-bikes are just as safe as any other kind of mobility, despite the fact that this is a genuine worry with any sport. In the end, there is always a chance when engaging in energetic activity. However, the risks of riding an e-bike are minimal provided you adhere to the traffic laws, safety precautions, and personal security.

Q3. What is the Maximum Speed of jolta Electric Bicycle?

Ans:  The maximum speed of jolta electric bicycle is 35 KM/H.

Q4. What is the mileage of jolta Electric Bicycle?

Ans: The mileage Per Charge is 30 Kilometers.

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