Kia’s new SUV will have no competition

Kia’s new SUV will have no competition. Kia has quickly established its dominance in the Indian market. It has accomplished this by launching SUVs in popular sectors. But Kia is planning to do something different next.

Kia’s new SUV will have no competition

Kia EV5

When it is released, it will face no competition. Can you figure out which segment Kia is attempting? Kia is developing a device to sit between the Sonet and the Seltos. Internally, this vehicle is known as AY. Let’s discuss this new Kia SUV in today’s article.


The AY will be available with both ICE and EV powertrains. It is too early to discuss specifics, but the EV version should have at least 450km of claimed range. The AY will be a front-wheel drive vehicle, but its EV edition may include additional motors to provide AWD capabilities.

The ICE type, like the Sonet, might use a 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine. Kia is unlikely to provide a naturally aspirated engine with this SUV. A manual and an automatic transmission should be available. If it hasn’t been cancelled because of tougher emission standards, the diesel engine could be 1.5 litres.

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Unique Design and Dimensions:

For the time being, the automobile is codenamed AY and will sit between the Sonet and Seltos. To qualify for the tax breaks, it must be less than 4m in length. Why would they need another sub-4m when they already have the Sonet? The AY will feature a more rugged off-road stance as well as more luxury interiors. According to business insiders, the AY will have a tall-boy design similar to the Kia Soul offered in other countries. Another significant improvement over Sonet could be improved interior space management, resulting in more legroom and headroom.

New Kia SUV:

So, when will the AY arrive? According to sources, the Korean automaker intends to release the SUV by 2025. It is unclear whether the EV version will be released before the ICE version. To appeal to a wide range of audiences, the ICE version might include a variety of modifications and gearbox options. The price of an AY could range between Rs 14 lakh and Rs 26 lakh (on-road, Mumbai).

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