Land Rover Discovery 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Land Rover Discovery 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs. The Land Rover Discovery is a prominent premium crossover in the Land Rover marque’s premium sports car segment. So, for our readers, we’ve compiled the Land Rover Discovery Price In Pakistan 2022.

These SUVs are designed by Land Rover, a British car manufacturer. The name of the company has been changed to Jaguar Landrover. There are four models of this mid-size SUV on the market, with the fifth generation accessible only in limited areas. This vehicle’s sales ratio is comparable to that of other cars, and more than four lakh units of this crossover are on the market.

Land Rover Discovery Exterior

Furthermore, the new Land Rover Discovery foregoes many of the design traditions of previous generations in favor of a more elegant, if less blatantly effective, look. In addition, the Land Rover discovery has five and seven seats in mid-size commercial vans. The Land Rover Discovery, on the other hand, is the only automobile produced outside of the local facility.

Land Rover Discovery 2022 Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Land Rover Discovery is readily available at reasonable pricing. Land rovers from earlier generations were substantially less expensive than those from later generations. It’s due to the vehicle’s generational differences. The Land Rover Discovery is offered in Pakistan for up to 18.5 million rupees.

Land rover DiscoveryPKR 2,250,000 to PKR 7,000,000

Land Rover Discovery 2022 Price in USD

Land rover DiscoveryPKR 2,250,000 to PKR 7,000,000

Land Rover Specification:

The engines in each edition of the list of land rover findings are different, and their performance varies slightly. Former models have been updated with modern technology to meet the needs of the new era. For the first time in Land Rover history, the Discovery is built on Land Rover’s aluminum architecture, which was absent from previous models.

Furthermore, the use of aluminum chassis and body panels results in a weight reduction of up to 480 kg over its predecessor, allowing the crossover to run quickly and smoothly. Additionally, this weight drop, along with a redesigned aerodynamic design, enhances the land rover Discovery’s fuel efficiency over prior Discovery models. V6 petrol and diesel engines are available for Discovery.

Engine displacement capacity2993 cc to 4999 cc
Engine type0-liter OHC 24-Valve V6
Power production capability340 bhp to 550 hp depends on the generation
Number of cylinders and valvesSix cylinders and valves depend on the variant
Fuel typePetrol and diesel
Transmission mechanism type6-speed automatic transmission
Maximum Mileage18 kilometers per liter

Land Rover Discovery Features:

The latest design of the Land Rover automobile has been highlighted. The following are some of the most notable elements of the land rover discovery:

  • Fuel-efficient
  • 8-inch multi-information display
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • 8-speaker 250-watt stereo speaker system
  • Power Steering
  • 2-zone climate control
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Easily accessible spare parts
  • Power windows
  • Parking sensors
  • 8-way electric driver and 6-way electric passenger seats
  • Automatic headlamps
  • Auto-dimming exterior side mirrors

Land Rover Discovery Exterior:

The Land Rover Discovery is a luxury vehicle, as you are all aware. This crossover’s outer body is elegantly designed and meets modern technology needs. The third-generation Discovery, in contrast to previous models, has a significantly more rounded form, rejecting the customary angular design of these automobiles. The roof is still stepped over the third row in addition to the front face, however, it is mostly aesthetic compared to older models and the topper at the back. Furthermore, the roof glass is aided by the third-row side glass discovery.

Land Rover Discovery Exterior

The tail leg of this SUV car, on the other hand, was previously modified from FM topical orient solid to horizontal. This crossover’s tail is horizontally split and has a traditional top-hinged composite. It does, however, retain an asymmetrically mounted license plate design that harkens back to previous Discovery generations.

Land Rover Discovery Interior:

Land Rover Discovery 2022 Interior

The Land Rover Discovery’s interior is extremely comfy, and the seats are superb, providing occupants with a high level of happiness. This crossover is designed for folks who go to the hillside on a regular basis. Throughout the voyage, the occupants of this mid-size van are not irritated. Seats are made of fine and soft fabric with the property of not absorbing liquid. This car, on the other hand, has a slew of features; as you can see from the paragraph below, it’s obvious, and you’ve learned more about it.

Land Rover Discovery safety precautions:

The manufacturing of this SUV vehicle complies with the following safety criteria.

  • ABS Brakes with EBD
  • Disc and drum brakes
  • Central locking system
  • Child safety lock
  • Keyless remote control entry
  • Hill assist control system
  • Power safety locks
  • Parking sensors
  • Safety camera

The company’s top focus is the safety of the occupants of Land Rover Discovery.

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