Rinco Aria EV 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Rinco Aria Price in Pakistan

Rinco Aria EV 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs. Several new firms are entering the Pakistani vehicle market as the sector matures. A Karachi-based dealership recently imported an electric vehicle from the United States. The vehicle is the Rinco Aria, a four-door hatchback. Price of Rinco ARIA in Pakistan.

Rinco Aria EV 2022 Exterior

The car appears to be small and well-built, with a plethora of modern amenities, according to the photographs. Price of Rinco Aria EV in Pakistan. The car is a fully electric vehicle that is available in a number of colours. The EV appears to be a true KEI Car when compared to our local autos. The quality, fit, and finish of the interior look to be adequate. The Rinco Aria Electric Vehicle was introduced by Nayyer Motor Company in Pakistan.

Rinco Aria EV 2022 Price in Pakistan

Rinco Aria 2022 is priced at 2.4 million Pakistani rupees. This offer is only available for a short time.

Rinco Aria EV 2022PKR 24,000,00 (Inclusive of All Taxes)

Rinco Aria EV 2022 Price in USD

Rinco Aria EV 2022$12799 US Dollar (Inclusive of All Taxes)

Despite the fact that Pakistan has gone electric vehicle crazy in recent years, the concept of a “budget-friendly” EV car remains ambiguous. The Rinco Aria is available in Pakistan for 2.4 million rupees and has a range of 220 kilometers on a single charge! The battery lasts 7 to 8 years and requires 6 to 7 units to fully charge. The firm claims to provide critical after-sales services. Price of Rinco Aria in Pakistan.

One thing is certain: cars and electric vehicles will not be cheap or budget-friendly until and until we start manufacturing them locally. The Rinco Aria is for sale (first 15 units) and can be reserved for a down payment of 1.2 million with a delivery time of about four months.

Rinco Aria EV Specifications:

  • Low-Speed Collision Warning
  • Three-point Belt (Front Seat)
  • Remote Key
  • Remote Central Door Lock
  • Triangle Warning Board
  • Back Door Child Safety Lock
  • Door Warning Light Off
  • Emergency Rescue Kit (vehicle)
  • Three-point Belt (Rear Seat)

System Structure

Type Of DriveRear-Engine Rear-Drive
Gear Ratio7.6:1
Suspension System FrontMcpherson Independent Suspension
Suspension System RearFive Connecting Rods Non-Independent
Suspension Type Of Parking BrakeHand Brake

Performance Index

Minimum Ground Clearance (Mm)133
Minimum Turning Diameter9.8 Maximum
Speed (Km/H)100 Nedc Range (Km): 190
Economy Speed Range (Km)210
Maximum Climbable Gradient25%

Vehicle Parameters

Dimensions3380x1520x1590 mm
Wheelbase2440 mm
Track Width1310/1310
Tire Type155/ 65 R 13
Number Of Seats4
Number Of Doors5
Curb Weight855 KG

Exterior Configuration

  • Aluminum Wheel
  • Reversing Image Reversing Radar
  • Power Mirror
  • Led Crystal Transparent Halogen Integrated Front Combined
  • Headlight

Interior Configuration

  • Manual A/C
  • Double Screens With Media Function
  • Power Window
  • Pu Seats

Control Configuration

  • Electric Power Steering
  • Vacuum BoosterElectronic Brake Force Distribution (Tpms)
  • Sport Pattern
  • Telematics Box


  • Inside View
  • 5 Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty Engine
  • Superior configuration as compared to LHD models.
  • Electronic Brake System
  • Regular car high-speed design with enhanced body structure and passed all crash tests
  • Anti-lock Brake System
  • LFP battery only.


The New EV Rinco Aria, unlike some odd-looking economy automobiles, has a very elegant and appealing exterior. The car’s front entry is sinuous and simple, with large halogen headlights that follow a specific design. It has a honeycombed pattern, similar to the black radiator grille. To give the car a sleek and appealing appearance, plastic mouldings have been included into the front bumper, bonnet, and front fenders. On durable plastic, the entire front area has been engraved with gorgeous motifs.

Rinco Aria EV 2022 Exterior

Non-retractable body-colored side mirrors with LED turn signals are found on the car’s side. It comes with a 13-inch chrome alloy wheel and imported tyres, as well as simple door handles. It also features a side character line that runs from the front door to the back. Large-sized halogen brake lamps, a rear camera, a parking sensor reflector, and a reverse light on the bumper are among the car’s distinguishing characteristics on the back end.


As you approach the Rinco aria, you will notice that the car’s interior is painted in two colours: rust and grey. The inside design of the car is stunning and cutting-edge. It boasts a digital infotainment touch panel with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, among other current features. Meanwhile, a metre cluster display has been merged with it, providing all important information such as battery percentage, speed, and range, among other things. The front seats are 4-way manual adjustable leather seats with good padding and plenty of legroom.

Rinco Aria EV 2022 interior

Underneath the infotainment screen is the gear control. The car’s rear legroom is good, thanks to flexible folding seats and a somewhat high top. Furthermore, its boot space is insufficient but adequate. Furthermore, the back seats can be folded to increase the boot capacity.

Battery and Energy:

Although the car is conceived and engineered in the United States, it is manufactured in China. Rinco Aria is an electric car that is powered by a 17kWh single-motor lithium battery with a maximum output of 14.6 KW and torque of 75 Nm. To make charging at home more convenient, a built-in charger is supplied. It takes roughly 6 hours to charge from zero to 100 while using about 10 units of electricity.

Driving Moods:

The Rinco Aria is a revolutionary compact car with two driving modes. The car’s top speed is limited to 60 kilometers per hour when driving in the eco mode, but it can reach 100 kilometers per hour when driving in the sport mode. On a full charge, this electric car can travel 200 kilometers in Eco mode and 120 to 130 kilometers in Sports mode.

Battery Life

The average battery life of the Rinco Aria is roughly 7-8 years. This battery, however, comes with a three-year warranty from Nayyar Motors.


The Rinco Aria is Pakistan’s most affordable electric vehicle. Due to its low operating expenses, the Linco Aria is one of Pakistan’s most cost-effective electric vehicles. As seen by its form, size, and specs, this car is primarily designed for metropolitan or city driving. This is an excellent alternative for people with small families who wish to save money on gas.

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