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Road King Electric Bike 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Road King Electric Bike 2022 Price

Road King Electric Bike 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, SpecsThe motorcycle trend in Pakistan has shifted considerably, and new technology is now being introduced to fulfil the needs of the younger generation. In addition, a Road King Electric Bike has been unveiled in Pakistan for the year 2022, with a price tag of PKR 103,500. One of the most significant moves in this direction is being taken by the corporation and the government.

Road King Electric Bike 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Road King Electric Bike 2022 Price in Pakistan

Many organisations have introduced services in Pakistan in recent years, but the Road King is the first to do so with varied powers. We have information on every feature of the Rider King, including its top speed. When individuals go out to get a new bike, the first thing they do is check the speed of the bike. In addition, we have information on the Price of a Road King Electric Bike in Pakistan in 2022.

Road King Electric Bike 2022 Price in Pakistan

The official pricing of the Road King electric bike in Pakistan 2022 has not been released because the manufacture of this bike is still in progress, and they have just recently debuted one bike. In addition, when the Road King electric bikes arrive in Pakistan, prices will be provided on this website. People can also find out how much a Jolta electric bike costs in Pakistan.

Road King Electric Bike 70 EPKR 103,500 (Estimated)
Road-King Electric Bike Deluxe 70 EPKR 110,000 (Estimated)
Road King Electric 100 EPKR 130,000 (Estimated)

Currently, only one bike has been introduced, which is a The Governor of Punjab, Ch Sarwar, attended the ceremony a few days after the bike was launched and praised the company’s efforts. the business According to the company’s statement, this bike will be available to the public as soon as it is available on the roads in every city in Pakistan. Furthermore, the precise pricing of this bike will not be known until the company releases it to the market, which is not yet available at the time of writing.

Road King Electric Bike Specification and Features:

The company has installed many of the new silent features, as well as some of the unique features and specifications listed below.

  • No Petrol Require
  • No Engine
  • Battery and Motors installed on engine place
  • No gear
  • Kick Option Close just AutoStart

These are some of the bike’s unique characteristics and specifications. Also, if they add any more in the future, they will be listed on this page.

The following paragraphs provide a full breakdown of the pricing of a Road King Electric Bike in Pakistan for the year 2022. This page contains all of the specifications and features of this bike in order to give our customers complete information. In addition, if they introduce a new bike on this website, we’ll notify you.

Top Speed:

In order to prepare for the test drive, the business will verify the top speed in a short period of time. However, the most essential feature is that this bike can travel for up to 80 kilometres on a single charge.

Lithium-Ion Battery performance

With the introduction of the Road King electric bike, the vehicle has undergone a transformation. In addition, instead of the lithophile, the road king has a quick battery. These bikes have similar performance to engine bikes. Moreover, among cars in the same class, the electric bike has the allure to attract purchasers. Furthermore, because there is no need for an engine in this bike, we are looking at the battery composition from above. In 2 to 4 hours, the battery in this bike will be fully charged. On the other hand, once fully charged, the battery can travel 100 kilometres.

Battery typeDray and lithium-ion battery
Electricity consumption in one charge2 to 3 units
Peak power (hp) output1.2 hp
Time is taken by one charge2 hours to 3 hours
Top speed80 to 90 km
Displacement capacity70 cc and 100 cc
Maximum mileage value100 km per charge

This bike’s battery is a dray and lithium-ion battery that comes with a five-year warranty. Furthermore, we are pleased to note the Road King’s improved performance. In addition, it runs on the rough like other engine bikes and macadamizes the road. Similarly, the battery can be charged quickly, and the interesting part is that it only uses two to three units of electricity while doing so.

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