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Road Prince Classic 70 2022 Price in Pakistan Specs, Features

Road Prince Classic 70cc Price in Pakistan 2022

Road Prince Classic 70 2022 Price in Pakistan Specs, Features. Road Prince first released the Chinese-made 70cc bikes in Pakistan in 2004. Classic 70cc is one of the alternatives available from Road Prince in this category. Provides quality and comfort while maintaining a beautiful appearance. It is a very cost-effective bike with low maintenance expenses and low fuel consumption. It is regarded as a worthy replacement for all other high-priced 70cc bikes, and it is affordable to even the poorest of workers. Even if the price climbed twice in 2020, the cost of all Road Prince motorcycles increased in 2021.

Road Prince Classic 70 2022 Price in Pakistan Specs, Features

Road Prince Classic 70 2022

Road Prince Classic 70 2022 Price in Pakistan

Model Name Price
Road Prince Classic 70ccPKR 73,000

Road Prince Classic 70 Specifications:

Overall Length1930mm
Overall Width790mm
Overall Height1190mm
Wheel Base1235mm
Fuel Consumption65 km/L
Fuel Tank Capacity11  Liter
Lubricating Oil Capacity0.9 Liter
Battery12 V,3.5 Amp
Brake (Front/Rear)Drum Type
TransmissionFour (Forward)
Dry Weight82 Kg
ClutchWet multiple
StartingKick Start
FrameBackbone type
Max. Speed80 km/h
Drive SystemChain
StandsBoth stands
Head LightRound Beam 25/25
Tail LightRed Color 6 watt
Turn SignalYellow 10 watts
Brake LightRed Color 21 watt
Side Reflector L/R1196 mm2
Type of Engine4 stroke
Engine Displacement78cc


  • Aerodynamic Fuel Tank Design
  • Round Shape Super Bright Headlight
  • Comfortable and Durable Front Suspension
  • Stylish Speedometer

Performance & Ride:

A 4-stroke engine powers the Road Prince Classic 70cc, which comes with a four-speed transmission. Let’s start with the ride, which isn’t bad and allows you to drive quickly through all city streets and turns with seamless gear changes. Although it features ineffective drum brakes at the front and back, the Classic 70cc nonetheless manages to provide a reasonable ride quality.

One of the best features of the 2021 Road Prince Classic 70cc is the front suspension, which is both comfortable and sturdy. The ride is made more durable by the solid suspensions, which allow you to easily glide over the breaks and bumps. It has a large seat, allowing you to travel with two to three youngsters.

This bike is popular in marketplaces since it is ideal for family use and provides a smooth ride. It boasts kick-start technology and can be started with a single kick without any effort. The headlight shines well to illuminate the road, and overall, it’s a terrific bike that offers all of the essential features at a low price.

Mileage and top speed:

With a gasoline tank size of 11 liters and a lubricating oil capacity of 0.9 litres, the Road Prince Classic 70cc has a good fuel efficiency, with a mileage of 65 kilometers per litre.

Exterior design and Build Quality:

The 2021 Road Prince Classic 70cc is a stylish bike with the right proportions. It measures 1930 millimeters in length, 790 millimeters in width, and 1190 millimeters in height. It has an aerodynamic fuel tank design and a spacious, comfortable seat. Beautiful graphic stickers in various hues are placed all over the bike. A large, appealing round-shaped headlight sits at the front end, and above it is a sleek speedometer that displays the bike’s speed. On the back, it sports a red taillight.

The turn signals are yellow, whereas the brake lights are red. The Road Prince Classic 70cc has a good build quality and saves you money on maintenance. The bike’s spare parts are readily available in marketplaces and are inexpensive when compared to other 70cc motorcycle spare parts.

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