Triumph Bikes 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Triumph Bikes Price

Triumph Bikes 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs. Many of the models from Triumph, a foreign brand, are imported into Pakistan. Our young people adore bikes, and everyone wants to own a stylish bike. So, the price of Triumph bikes in Pakistan for 2022 is available. A broker must check before purchasing something because the company has not yet officially opened its showroom.

Furthermore, even though all of the motorcycles are hefty, none of them looks like other heavy bikes. On the other side, the beginning price of this bike is 2 Million Rupees, and the price will grow depending on the model and variants. Below is a list of Triumph Bikes prices in Pakistan 2022 pricing.

Triumph Bikes 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Triumph Bikes 2022 Price

Additionally, they employed physiological strategies to compel the clients to their cars. One should speak up and bring up the uncertainty surrounding the Triumph bike to encourage others to purchase it. In addition to the aforementioned elements, we are happy to provide the following information on this bike. As a result, your decision-making will be clear.

Additionally, savvy salespeople lead novices toward the product where their commission is higher. On the other hand, don’t be a horse of a different colour because there are many various motorcycles and models accessible. In addition to the Triumph bike’s timeless design, other factors to consider include the bike’s performance, material durability, cost, dependability, and fuel efficiency. And if these things are great, there will always be a market for Triumph bikes.

Triumph Bikes 2022 Price in Pakistan

People can take a look at the most recent price of the Triumph bike in the section below before purchasing a new one.

Triumph New Bonneville BooberRS. 2,235,500
Triumph New Bonneville SpeedMasterRS. 2,235,500
Triumph New Street TwinRS. 1,598,000
Triumph New Bonneville T100RS. 1, 785,000
Triumph New Bonneville Scrambler 1200XCRS. 2,380,000
Triumph New Bonneville Scrambler 1200 XERs. 2,618,000
Triumph New Bonneville StreetScramblerRs. 1,870,000
Triumph New Bonneville Speed TwinRs. 2,074,000
Triumph Tiger 1200 XRRs. 2,805,000
Triumph Tiger 1200 XCrRs. 3,391,500
Triumph Tiger 1200 XCARs. 3,740,000
Triumph Tiger 1200 Desert EditionRs. 3,417,000
Triumph Tiger 1200 Alpine EditionRs. 3,281,000
Triumph Tiger 900 RALLYRs. 2,618,000
Triumph Tiger 900 RALLAY PRORs. 2,907,000
Triumph Tiger 900 GTRs. 2,499,000
Triumph Tiger 900 GT PRORs. 2,822,000
Triumph Tiger 900 GT LOWRs. 2,039,150
Triumph Tiger 850 SportsRs. 2,039,150
Triumph Trident 660Rs. 1,376,150
Triumph Street Triple RSRs. 2,184,500
Triumph Street Triple RRs. 1,836,000
Triumph Street Triple SRs. 2,439,500
Triumph Street Triple RSRs. 2,805,000
Triumph Street Triple 1200 RS 2021Rs. 3,111,000

Triumph Bikes Specifications:

They like the car from the viewpoint of the market professionals. The exceptional service and first-rate amenities are the reasons for their recommendation. The alloys are used similarly to the engine compartment so they won’t degrade quickly and endure a long period. On the other hand, stick out one’s neck and take a test ride to fully understand the triumph bike’s genuine performance. You won’t be terrified the next time you take a chance.

Engine typeInline 3-cylinder, water-cooled, DOHC
Peak power (hp) capacity165 HP (123 kW) @ 6,000rpm
Maximum torque163 LB-FT @ 4,000rpm
Compression ratio10.8:1
Valve mechanismDOHC valve mechanism
Fuel type and fuel tank volumePetrol and tank depend on a variant
Maximum mileage value24.39 km
No. Cylinders and valves3 cylinders and 2 valves per cylinder

Never sell someone short while driving because basic motorcycles have a lot of power and can travel as quickly as is safe on the road. If you’ve ever underestimated someone’s abilities, you might be lying, and they probably just wanted to get you to follow them. The auto market in poorer nations has historically used this strategy amongst vehicles.


We have talked about the importance of these motorcycles since the beginning of the post, but in this section, we want to focus on a brief overview and other noteworthy factors that have a significant impact on the triumph bikes’ overall condition. We shouldn’t feel isolated on the bike even without the surf equipment.

  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Electric & Kick Start
  • The wide variety and price range
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Multi-plate hydraulically operated, torque-assist clutch
  • Numerous version
  • Ride-by-Wire, fuel injected
  • Good mileage value
  • Comfortable seat

You feel victorious and worth a million dollars when riding the triumph bike. Similar to the fantastic journey, it will leave you with unforgettable memories.


Each bike’s engine weighs a substantial amount, and the bike’s base engine capacity is about 5 litres. whereas the engines on other bikes are loud. Therefore, according to some unofficial sources, these bikes have a range of about 18 KM.

Top Speed

Triumph is one of the best heavy bikes, but people prefer to ride it at its maximum speed. Additionally, this bike has a top speed of 230 km/h.

Safety Features:

The triumph bike’s safety features meet today’s requirements. The business works tirelessly to establish its bike as a market leader. However, the rider will ride cautiously, and a careful ride results in the safest trip for the rider and bystanders. For your safety, handle everything and stay awake.

  • Rear suspension
  • Low Fuel Alert
  • Side safety lock
  • Switch on starter
  • Dual 320mm discs, Brembo M4.30 Stylema® 4-piston radial monobloc calliper, Cornering ABS front brakes
  • Sports nature safely equipment
  • Fuel Reading meter
  • Showa 47mm upside-down 1 1 cartridge front forks, compression and rebound adjuster, 4.7in (120mm) travel
  • Front suspension
  • Fully adjustable Showa piggyback reservoir RSU with remote hydraulic preload adjuster, 4.2in (107mm) rear wheel travel
  • Single 300mm disc, Brembo M4.32 4-piston monobloc calliper, Cornering ABS rear brake

In recent years, vehicle safety has been the deciding factor in the auto market. The company integrated the newest features in addition to bike safety in order to make a splash with a large number of bikes. succeed and garner attention. This whole thing was about the 2022 Triumph Bikes Price in Pakistan.

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