What’s New in Kia Sportage New Model?

What’s New in Kia Sportage New Model. A black and white artwork with the post showing a tiger on a beach announcing, “A special roar for the special “You” Coming Soon,” was shared by Kia Motors Pakistan on social media yesterday, hinting at something new that is coming. The post read, “What makes you roar? Is it the adventure on the road or the thrill on the streets? What comes next insists on your attention. Stay tuned.”

What Could It Be?

It caught our eye, as expected, so we decided to investigate and learn more about Kia Pakistan’s future ambitions. When we first contacted our sources, we didn’t receive much information. However, more investigation turned up an intriguing discovery, and the sources provided additional details. Prior to this update, pay close attention to the artwork, particularly the black and white colours. It’s fascinating to note that the update has to do with these colours.

KIA Sportage 5th Generation

Our sources indicate that the post is about the Kia Sportage, which is the company’s most popular model in the region. Recall that in May 2023, the automaker unveiled a limited-edition black Sportage. This edition’s new features included:

  • 19-inch black alloy rims
  • Glossy black skid plate
  • Premium black leather seats
  • Glossy black front grille
  • Black moulding side sill
  • Dark satin finish molding beltline

According to our sources, social media and the most recent update are also connected to this crossover SUV. According to their claims, the business intends to release a “white colour for this special black edition.” Yes, you read correctly; allow me to reiterate: the black edition is coloured white. Strange as it may sound, the black edition of a car refers to the alloy wheels, skid plates, and black grille. In Pakistan, white cars are the most preferred colour. Kia chose to use the colour white for this limited edition because of this.

Let me remind you that the company has not yet provided an official confirmation; this is entirely based on information from our sources. As soon as Kia Motors Pakistan makes an announcement, we’ll let you know.

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