Yamaha YB125Z DX 2023 Price in Pakistan, Specs, Features

Yamaha YB125Z DX 2023 Price in Pakistan. The Yamaha YB 125Z-DX 2023 was created with a straightforward and robust design to appeal to local consumers in the traditional market. The engine in the Yamaha YB 125Z-DX is the same as in the Yamaha YBR 125. Powerful shocks on the Yamaha YB are essential to the bike’s smooth and comfortable ride.

The YB 125Z-attractive DX’s speedometer incorporates a fuel gauge. On lengthy trips, the Yamaha YB 125Z-extremely DX’s large and soft seat guarantees superb back support. Yamaha Pakistan did not include the disc brakes at the front and rear wheels to keep the price of this model lower than that of the other versions.

Yamaha YB125Z DX 2023 Price in Pakistan

Yamaha’s latest price in Pakistan.

Yamaha YB125Z DXPKR 423,500

Yamaha YB125Z DX 2023 Price in USA

Yamaha YB125Z DXUSD 1,200 (Estimated)


The Yamaha YB 125Z-DX 2023 has an air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, 2-valve, SOHC engine. Its bore and stroke are 54.0 mm x 54.0 mm, and its displacement is 124 cm3. The YB 125Z-DX has a constant mesh 5-speed transmission and a 10:01 compression ratio.

PricePKR 423,500
Dimension (Lxwxh)1980 x 735 x 1045 mm
Engine4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Displacement125 cc
ClutchMulti-plate wet clutch
Horsepower10.7 HP @ 7500.0 RPM
Torque10.4 Nm @ 6500.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke54 x 54 mm
Compression Ratio10:1
Petrol Capacity13L
Fuel Average45.0 KM/L
Top Speed100 KM/H
Dry Weight118KG
FrameBackbone type
Ground Clearance150mm
Wheel Size18 in
Tyre at Back3.00 – 18
Tyre at Front2.75 – 2.75

The fuel tank can hold 13 litres of petrol and 1.20 litres of oil in the engine, respectively. The YB 125Z-DX weighs 118 kg in total, including oil and a full gasoline tank. Its overall measurements are 1980 mm x 735 mm x 1045 mm, and its seat height is 770 mm. The YB 125Z-DX has a 150 mm ground clearance and a 1285 mm wheelbase.


The capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) and electric and kick-starting systems are both included with the Yamaha YB 125Z-DX. The electronic starter makes it easy for the rider to start the bike fast, especially in congested areas, and the gear pattern of all downshifts makes for a comfortable ride. The bike has a powerful halogen headlamp up front.

The YBR 125Z 2023 has an easy-to-read speedometer as well as a fuel gauge, trip indication, and gear indicator. A smooth ride is provided by an adjustable rear suspension and a vibration-reducing engine balancer. Its alloy wheels and disc brakes set it apart from the competition.


Smooth Riding ExperienceFuel gauge is not very stable
Excellent Road GripDisk Brake lags
Quiet EngineExpensive in its category
 Expensive Maintenance and Spare Parts


It is ideal for daily use because of its estimated 31 km/l mileage.


  • Vivid Cocktail Red
  • Metallic Blue
  • Metallic Black

Ride & Handling

The Yamaha YB 125Z-DX combines quality, design, and comfort. It is more stable on city streets thanks to its alloy rims and disc brakes. Additionally, the short handle makes it easier to commute in dense traffic and on constrained pathways.

The vehicle’s adjustable rear suspension dampens all types of shocks for a comfortable ride, and the all-down shift gearing system facilitates the change from higher to lower speeds. The YB 125Z-comfort DX’s and superb performance are further enhanced by the 5-speed transmission.


The diamond-type frame on the Yamaha YB 125Z-DX 2023 is sleek but standard in style. Its seat is long and wide, providing a comfortable ride while still accommodating numerous passengers.


In Pakistan, Yamaha is a reliable resale brand. Even though Honda continues to rule the industry, Suzuki does better because of its growing dealer network and the accessibility of auto parts for its motorcycles. The resale of Yamaha YB 125Z-DX motorcycles is currently simple in Pakistan.


Honda CG 125, Suzuki GD 110S, Suzuki GS 150SE, United 125 Deluxe Sport Edition, Honda CG 125S, and Honda CB 125F are competitors of the Yamaha YB 125Z-DX. Given that they both have attributes in common, the Honda CG 125 and Yamaha YB 125Z-DX are formidable rivals. In terms of compression ratio and transmission, the YB 125Z-DX surpasses the CG 125, but the Honda is more cost-effective and offers better value. It is easier to handle and lighter than the YB 125Z-DX. Compared to Yamaha, it also has a higher resale value.

YB 125Z-DX is a competitor of the Suzuki GD 110S due to its stylish appearance and sporty riding. Despite having a smaller fuel capacity, it outperforms the YB 125Z-DX in terms of handling and riding through dense traffic. Additionally, it gets greater gas mileage than the YB 125Z-DX, making it a better choice for daily commuting. The United 125 Deluxe Sport Edition, which is substantially less expensive, almost shares the same characteristics as the YB 125Z-DX. The YB 125Z-DX still has little competition from it because of its low resale value.


Q1. What is the price of Yamaha YB 125Z-DX 2023 in Pakistan?

Ans: Yamaha YB 125Z-DX 2023 costs PKR 423,500.

Q2. What is the engine displacement of Yamaha YB 125Z-DX?

Ans: 125cc is the size of the Yamaha YB 125Z engine. DX’s

Q3. What is the fuel tank capacity of Yamaha YB 125Z-DX?

Ans: The Yamaha YB 125Z-DX has a 13 L gasoline tank.

Q4. What is the mileage/fuel average of Yamaha YB 125Z-DX?

Ans: The Yamaha YB 125Z-fuel DX’s efficiency is 45.0 KM/L.

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