Yamaha YBR125 2024 Got New Color Options

Yamaha YBR125 2024 Got New Color Options. With the introduction of the Yamaha YBR125 2024, which is now offered in the gorgeous Metallic Bluish Grey, Yamaha Motor Pakistan has once again won over motorcycle enthusiasts’ hearts.

Yamaha YBR125 2024

This newest model in the YBR125 portfolio adds refinement to the rider’s colour scheme while balancing the already-available Vivid Cocktail Red and Metallic Black versions.

Yamaha YBR125 2024 Price

According to Yamaha’s official website, the price of the Yamaha YBR125 2024, for those who are keen to experience it, is currently Rs. 452,500. This purchase represents Yamaha’s dedication to producing high-quality motorcycles in addition to providing a dependable and fashionable ride.

Yamaha YBR125 2024PKR 452,500

Technical Excellence

The 4-stroke, air-cooled, SDHC engine under the YBR125 2024’s hood has a displacement of 124 cm³. This bike boasts a constant mesh 5-speed gearbox and a 10.0:1 compression ratio, which should provide both a smooth and efficient ride and a reliable performance on the road.

Design and Features:

The Yamaha YBR125 2024’s new sporty graphic, which adds a dynamic flair to its aesthetic appeal, is one of its most notable features. In addition to adding to the bike’s aesthetic appeal, the cast wheels with front disc brake guarantee excellent braking efficiency.

The rider’s overall comfort is improved by the smooth gear shifts and decreased vibrations made possible by the 5-speed transmission with an engine balancer.

Yamaha YBR125 2024 Got New Color Options

The halogen headlight with a smoked shield on the YBR125 2024 offers excellent visibility along with a hint of refinement. A fuel gauge, gear indicator, trip metre, and other necessary rider information tools are also included with the bike.

The Yamaha YBR125 2024 places a high priority on rider comfort in addition to performance and flair. The bike’s dynamic seat design, adjustable rear suspension, and electric/Kickstarter combination flawlessly blend vintage elegance with modern convenience.

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